Schedule fake calls and messages to rescue you during a date!

Text HELLO to (305) 767-7635

Date Checkup is the quick and easy way to setup rescue calls and messages when you need them.

What is a rescue call?

A rescue call is a scheduled interruption that gives your an opportunity to end a date with a stranger or escape any other awkward situations.

Schedule text or voice calls

Each phone number can receive SMS text messages, voice phone calls or both. You can schedule checkups in real time by replying via text message.

Scheduling through text messages allows you to setup a call or text message to come through instantly or at any given interval of time.

Love it! I've bailed out on so many sketchy dates thanks to this app. Highly recommended!

@FlorencePaz, Los Angeles

Works across all devices

No need to download and install a separate native app for your device. Just send us a text message and you can schedule all your calls remotely.

The SMS scheduling features allows you to simply text a command to our service and we'll schedule it for you without even needing to go to the website.

I'll usually just go to the restroom and schedule the fake call via text message for 5 minutes. Boom! Nice meeting ya!

@MichaelBosch, Miami

Real-time or scheduled ahead

With our real-time interaction, it will look like you're communicating with an actual human. You can receive responses instantly or in a given time period - you decide.

Voice phone calls last up to a minute so you can pretend you're having a real conversation.

Love the app! It’s practical and there are no gimmicks. Very easy to use as well!

@AlexDelMar, London

Try it for free

You can try Date Checkup for free. Just schedule your first check up and receive a limited number of calls and text messages for the trial period. No credit card needed.

I was sold the first time I used it. I use it for work meetings and even as an alarm clock.

@JacobTx, San Francisco

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