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Basic Commands

Basic Commands

Commands allow you to interact with the service via SMS text messages in real time in what seems like a natural conversation with a real person. Use the commands below to control the interaction with Date checkup.

TEXT [number of minutes]

Replying TEXT and a number will schedule a text message in that number of minutes.
TEXT 0: Text me immediately (0 minutes).
TEXT 15: Text me in 15 minutes.
TEXT 60: Text me in 60 minutes

CALL [number of minutes]

Replying CALL and a number will place a voice phone call in that number of minutes.
CALL 0: Call me immediately (0 minutes).
CALL 30: Call me in 30 minutes.
CALL 60: Call me in 60 minutes.

Schedule checkups

Schedule via Text Message

You can schedule checkups via simple text message commands. Including a number with the command will tell our service to wait that number of minutes before checking up. See the "Basic commands" tab for more.

Note: This method works best when you're already out on a date and want a quicker, more interactive experience. You can make checkups arrive immediately or on a delay.

Tips & tricks

Here are a few tips & tricks we recommend to make the most out of your subscription.

  • After you send us a text, save the number as a contact using a name that looks like it's a friend or family member.
  • Easily share the number with your friends just by telling them to text (305) 767-7635 and say 'HELLO'.

Cancel Subscription

To cancel your subscription, visit datecheckup.com/cancel.

You can restart your subscription at any time by visiting datecheckup.com/upgrade.